Sunday, November 28, 2021

EpicPals~ December

December's EpicPals boards are open and ready to go! Click on the EpicPals tab above to access the links!

This year's EpicPals will run the same as it has in the past with just a few small tweaks. This year, just like last, all posts will be moderated for student safety. Please see information below about posting. The titles chosen for each month will be appropriate for 1st through 3rd graders depending upon their reading ability and will always include at least one read-to-me book so everyone in your class will be able to participate successfully on some level. Like last year, I will also create a Bitmoji classroom with links to the books and the coordinating Padlet boards. You can read more about this on the EpicPals page of the blog.

** Important Information re: Student Posts ~ Please read **

Teachers, please chat with your students about posting responsibly. Please know that ALL posts are moderated. This means your students will not see their posts until I have approved them. Please also know that posts with inappropriate language, .gifs, and links will be deleted.

As always, please encourage your students to read and learn from other students' posts. If they like their post, have them click on the heart at the bottom of the sticky note. Being reflective and having an authentic reason to like something is a great first step towards leaving meaningful and authentic feedback. 

This month's EpicPals board and bitmoji classroom are now posted on the EpicPals tab. Click here to access these downloads.

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