Breakfast Bytes

Breakfast Bytes will again be taking place once a month during our staff meetings.  The focus of these sessions will be to share ways in which you can integrate various apps and sites into your curriculum. If you have any suggestions of topics you would like me to try and cover, please jot me a note or send me an email.

I will post any resources and slides from our sessions here for you to easily access at your convenience. 

April Breakfast Bytes~ Video Creation
March Breakfast Bytes~ Google Expeditions

January Breakfast Bytes~ Flipgrid

November- iPad and Computer Tips

 October Breakfast Bytes
October- Updates and Copy & Edit

New year, New look! September 2017- Global Collaboration

May Breakfast Bytes LN / HC

April Breakfast Bytes- LN

March Breakfast Bytes

Breakfast Bytes February

Lannoye/Hillcrest Breakfast Bytes- January

Lannoye/Hillcrest Breakfast Bytes- December

Lannoye/Hillcrest Breakfast Bytes- November

Lannoye & Hillcrest Breakfast Bytes - October

Lannoye & Hillcrest Breakfast Bytes- September