Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Flexible Seating Mini Posters

Are you implementing flexible seating this year in your classroom space or library area? I utilized flexible seating last year in my first grade classroom and LOVED it! I don't think I could every go back to everyone having an assigned spot. 

This year in my new position I don't have a classroom space, but I do have a library space in both of my buildings that both utilize flexible seating to some extent. One of the libraries was just restructured and decked out with new furniture over the summer so the students have not yet experienced it. Not only have they not experienced the new furniture, but they haven't met me yet either- so one of the first things I want to do is introduce myself and the expectations for the new space. I want students to to take ownership of this space and don't want to bog it down with tons of rules so I came up with what I hope will be 4 simple expectations that I plan to go over with each class as they come and visit.

For those that are interested, I created the mini posters to fit in these awesome little, 2 sided, 4 x 6 inch frames that I got from Michael's. IKEA has similar frames called TOLSBY frames. I love that I will be able to stand these up on some of the tables as a gentle reminder of the expectations.
If you are interested in a set of these posters you can find them on my Teacher's Pay Teachers store for free. There are 8 mini posters all together with 4 different boy and 4 different girl clips.

Click here to go to my store to download.

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