Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Copyright free images for education

The site above is the site that my class is currently using to find copyright-free images for our technology projects. So often, teachers will have their students simply find images on the web and copy/paste them to their projects. While this is easy and produces many options, it is also illegal. I feel strongly about teaching students to do it the correct way from the beginning. 
To help my students access this site, I simply wrote a post on our classroom blog with a link to the site (our blog is an icon in our home row so is easy for students to access. I use my blog not only as an information area for parents, but also as a portal for my students to get to where they need to go). Once students were on the site, we saved the site as an icon on our iPads which will now make it extremely easy for them to access this site at all times at school. I also linked this site in the sidebar of my classroom blog for students to access at home. Parents were alerted to this site via the classroom blog as well.

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