Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's raining cats and dogs!

Oh my.... for those of you that know me and my classroom, you already know that I am a dog lover and my room is dog-themed. Well, I couldn't have been more thrilled when I came across my new favorite app, Weather Puppy

We had been using a free weather app as part of our calendar time but I had found that the one we were using had more information than we really needed and the interface was set up in such a way that for 1st graders, it was a bit overwhelming. That being said, the hunt was on to try and find something more 1st grade friendly that was free (big factor) and had all the information that we wanted for our calendar. I currently also use the app, iDress, to check the temperature and then relate that information into what we should be wearing. You can see a previous post here about how we've used this app in our learning.

Weather puppy has been the perfect fit on so many levels (never mind the fact that it's dog themed and it's FREE!!!) I love how the interface is simple and easy to read, the weather symbols match those that we use on our graph, and we get the high/low temps for the day.  My kiddos also love the fact that they can customize their app to have an outdoorsy dog theme or a glamour dog theme. 

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