Sunday, November 20, 2011

app to app creation and sharing

We've officially got usernames and passwords!!!
In our district only grade 2-12 kiddos get usernames and passwords and K and 1 all use the same generic username and password combination... great in a lot of ways when using the lab but not when it comes to wanting to teach kids the way things really are or when wanting to have my kiddos email their creations from the iPads/iTouches. So... I set off to find out if my kiddos can get their own for the sake of the model classroom and viola~ we got 'em!

You might be asking what in the world do I plan to do with them... well I've got several ideas brewing in my head right now (YIKES- run while you can!) 

I wish it were 72- see below for
the real temp here!
First, I DO NOT want my classroom to be only a game-based app classroom, granted, apps have their time and place, but I truly want my kiddos using apps to create and share. SO for starters we have been checking the weather on the SMARTboard as a class for our city as well as that of our Skype buddies. This week, we started doing it on our iTouches. I had the kiddos go into the settings of the weather app and add both of our cities to each of their devices. This was awesome and the kids LOVE the fact that they can check whenever they like.

My next goal is for us to check our weather on the app called idress for the weather. This app provides a
♥bold display of the current temp
♥daily high/low temps
♥clear and beautiful visual presentation of current conditions
♥current and accurate weather conditions provided by WeatherBug

Kiddos will check the weather and the clothes recommended for the temp. We will then take a screen shot of the main page and open it up in the  Doodle Buddy app and kiddos will draw themselves in the appropriate attire for the day's weather. When they are done, they will save their creation in their camera roll and then email me and their parents their picture (hence the usernames and passwords as their iTouches will be set up with their personal accounts)  I think this will be a wonderful start to making our classroom learning more transparent to our parents in addition to giving my kiddos an authentic audience.

This is just the beginning of app to app creation and sharing as I have also found a couple of fantastic apps for writing and for sending e-postcards. More about those later. I'm still working out the kinks on those before introducing them to my class. I know these are just baby steps in the direction of creating and sharing, but with 1st graders and this being my 1st year with 1:1 devices, I think we're heading in the right direction.


  1. I love this idea I even went and downloaded it now and reset all the stuff to meet my northern Canada climate........ Sad that it does not have a winter scene though. We are a land of snow for the next 5 months and it's a little too green. Any suggestions? I only have. 1 ip,ad in my class but plan to make it someone's class job each day to do just as you suggested. thanks for the inspiration

  2. Hi Christine,
    We too live in an area with lots of snow over the next 4-5 hoping we won't see green on the app for long. In looking for some screenshots online toight I found several that showed snowy scenes so fingers crossed for us that it changes soon. If not, Doddle Buddy also has a background that could be used, unfortunately it defeats the app to app creation but at least kiddos are still creating vs. just playing games. :-)
    Thanks for the comment and for checking in on my little blog! Good luck!!