Work with Sara

I am so excited to work with you and to assist you in integrating technology into your curriculum in meaningful and engaging ways!  My door is always open to you so please don't hesitate to stop by or contact me!

I am available to assist you and your students in many ways. I can...

  • push into classrooms and co-teach topics with a technology aspect/focus

  • introduce and model for teachers and students the use of new digital tools

  • assist teachers (individuals and/or teams) in planning for the use of technology. I'm more than happy to attend your team meetings as well

  • work with whole classes and small groups of students during their project work time

  • provide before and after-school workshops or 1:1 time for teachers to further develop their proficiencies with digital technologies

My position is split between Hillcrest and Lannoye. If I'm not in your building and there's something I can help you with, please call and leave a message or send me an email and I'll get in touch with you as quickly as I can.

My weekly schedule is:

Hillcrest: All day Monday & Tuesday, & Wednesday mornings 

Lannoye:  Wednesday afternoons & all day Thursday, & Friday 

My hope is that with a 2-1/2 day split schedule that we will be better able to plan and implement on a more consistent basis and that it will be easier to know when I will be in your building. Again, I am always just an email or phone call away, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you need some assistance.

To schedule a time for me to come to your classroom to work with you and/or your students, please email me, stop by my office or grab me in the hallway! 🙂