Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ho Ho Ho! Epic Pals December is Ready to Go!

Ho Ho Ho! 
#EpicPals December is ready to go!

Click on the EpicPals banner above or on either of the images of this month's book selections below to access the #EpicPals GoogleDoc (both the primary and intermediate versions are on the same doc- just scroll down to page 2 for the Intermediate version). As always, thank you to my Twitter buddy, Bobbie Hopkins (@bhopteacher) who works to create the intermediate version of #EpicPals each month. Thanks Bobbi!!
December's Primary Version
December's Intermediate Version
*Special Project*
I'm trying something new this month with one of our books, Memoirs of an Elf. On the Padlet board, I've left a special direction for kiddos to use page 21 as a springboard to this question:
 What are some other clever and creative ways that Santa can get Tugboat back home? Share your idea by drawing a picture (digital or on paper) to share with everyone and post it here or mail it to: Mrs Malchow. 
I've left my school mailing address on the Padlet board and would LOVE it if you could send your students' creations to me or email me any digital creations (please include first name and state).
If you're mailing your submissions, please have them in the mail by Fri, Dec 18th so I receive them before school is out for the holiday break. If you're going to send them digitally, I'll take them right up until Christmas Eve- sjmalchow@pulaskischools (dot) org
My intent is to then create an iMovie with all of the submissions and share it out with everyone via the blog and Twitter. I will share the completed iMovie along with January's new EpicPals selections. I thought this might be a neat way to come back after our holiday breaks and see what others have contributed and shared based on a common story. I hope that you and your class will take part!! Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Need some additional information about EpicPals? Want a few tips and tidbits to get it set up in your room? If so, head over the the #EpicPals page at the top of the blog for additional information.


  1. Would it be ok to email you our submissions?

    1. ABSOLUTELY!!! my address is: sjmalchow @ pulaskischools (dot) org