Saturday, October 15, 2016

Seesaw Intro for Parents

Have you started to explore the wonderful possibilities of Seesaw in your classroom? Parent-teacher conferences are right around the corner which means a perfect opportunity for you to share Seesaw with parents and give them their QR code invitation or if you've already invited parents, a great time to get those last few parents on board.

Seesaw has put together a short, simple video to introduce parents to the power of this wonderful learning tool.  Sending a link to this video or having the video available for parents to watch while they are waiting for their conference might be a great way to introduce them.

If you work in one of my buildings, I am also happy to help parents get on board with Seesaw on conference night. Feel free to print off the QR code sheet for parents, share it with them at their child's conference and have them find me in the library and I'd be happy to help them download the app and get on board so they will be ready to roll when they walk out the door. 
My conference schedule is: 
Wednesday- Lannoye
Thursday- Hillcrest

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