Friday, August 19, 2016

Totally EPIC update you don't want to miss!!!! (#EpicPals)

Collaboration is a WONDERFUL thing and Twitter is an amazing platform to bring those collaborative efforts together. 

I've had some amazing people reach out to me this summer and have created some fantastic connections to help me in my new position. One of those people is Bobbi Hopkins (@bhopteacher), a K-6 Instructional Technology Coach from New York. We've had multiple conversations over the past weeks, but yesterday after posting this month's #EpicPals info,  Bobbi contacted me to ask if I would mind if she would put together an intermediate version of #EpicPals. We tweeted back and forth and came up with a plan that we hope will allow more students at multiple grade levels to benefit from this collaborative project!!

So here it is....

Bobbi will be following the same format and will be putting together books for intermediate readers along with the coordinating Padlet boards! We're collaborating on the same Google doc so both projects will be in the same location- 
Click pic to access the GoogleDoc

1 click now = 2 choices 
(a primary and intermediate version)

The primary version will mainly be geared toward 1st and 2nd grade readers and the intermediate version will be geared more for  3rd and 4th grade readers, however, we want you to pick what you feel is best for your individual students as we all know that just because you're in 3rd grade doesn't mean you're a "3rd grade reader".

The format will look and function the same way so if you need to utilize both versions in your class there won't be a noticeable difference for your students.

I'm totally pumped about the collaborative effort behind this project and am so excited that it's able to be rolled out for the new year! 

We hope that you will be too. If you have any suggestions regarding book genres, titles, etc, please don't hesitate to reach out to myself (@smalchow) or Bobbie (@bhopteacheron Twitter with the #EpicPals hashtag.

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