Friday, August 12, 2016

New paths, new adventure

This summer has been a summer FULL of 
                                         growth and
                                                     lots of prayer.

It all started in May with making the decision to try something new and shake up my world just a bit by deciding to move my 1st grade classroom to a new building in the district. For those that know me well, I am extremely flexible, but a lover of big change I am not. Despite my typical personality traits, I was excited for the new adventure. I dug in and began packing my classroom, digging through age old resources and pitching what I hadn't used or even looked at in eons. It was amazing what I was holding on to and for what reason?
No clue!

The week after school was out, I finished boxing up the last of my things and my husband and 2 sons came to school with the trailer and we began the daunting task of hauling everything out of my room, loading it on to the trailer, driving 9 minutes down the road and unloading it all into my new room. Over the course of the next week I began unpacking things into the cupboards when I got word that I would be moving into a different room due to a resignation. 
No problem... I stopped where I was at and decided to wait until the cleaning crews were done to move things to the new room which was just one room over. 

Fast forward 1 month and one life altering email later and I am once again packing up my classroom, but this time, to bring it all home and store it in my basement. 

Yes, I am taking a leap of faith and am leaving the classroom to take on the role of a Digital Learning Specialist. This is a new position in our district and one in which I can help to impact the technology usage of many teachers and students, not just my own classroom of 21. 

This decision did not come easily, especially since I do love the classroom and the connections that you are able to make with students and their families; but sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to continue to grow, see the magic, and reignite the passion and dreams that you have for yourself. Coming from someone that is not a risk-taker in a lot of ways, changing my career path in this way is not something that too many people probably saw coming! The image to the right really hit home for me and helped me to take the plunge. 

I am so very excited to see where this new position will take me, but even more so, I am SUPER excited for what this position will be offer to the students and staff of the 2 buildings I will be working in! 
So- here's to a new year and BIG changes! I will be continuing to blog about the things I am doing, but the posts will be covering a wider-range of grades now, not just 1st grade. I hope that you will continue to follow along on my new journey!

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