Friday, April 29, 2016

Assessment using Seesaw

I love all of the ways that you can use the Seesaw app to have students show their learning. Today we tried something new. We have been studying the continents as well as learning where our state and city are located and also knowing the cardinal directions. I wanted to assess my students' knowledge of these areas but didn't want to do a traditional worksheet or take the time to do a cut and paste activity. After a lot of pondering on what would be most manageable for both my students and myself I came up with the idea of sharing two different maps with my students on Seesaw. I simply had students touch the "Copy and Edit" button to make a new copy for themselves. 

After each student had their map copied I gave them specific directions such as find Antarctica and put a 1 on it, Find Australia and mark it with a 2, etc. After we marked the continents, I asked students to use the recording feature to tell which continent we lived on and to put a star on it.
On the United States map, students were to label the cardinal directions, locate and circle the state that we live in and as a bonus, mark where we live in our state. They then recorded this information for moms and dads.

At then end of the day I was able to easily see and hear student's responses to my questions. Before sharing this assessment with parents, I put a comment under each students' map sharing with parents what the standard was that I was assessing and shared what number each continent was supposed to be. This ended up being a great way to keep parents informed of their child's progress and gave them a quick glance at what they could help their child with at home. 

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