Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer Book Study

Interested in a taking part in a powerful, professional development opportunity from the comfort of your own home this summer? Our #1stchat PLN from Twitter will be hosting a summer book chat on the book, What Connected Educators Do Differently

The chats will take place on Sunday nights at 8 pm EST beginning Sunday, July 26th.

The chat schedule is as follows:

Sunday, 7/26- Key Connector 1 &2- moderated by author Jeffrey Zoul @Jeff_Zoul

Sunday, 8/2 - Key Connector 3 & 4- moderated by author Jimmy Casas @casas_jimmy

Sunday, 8/9- Key Connector 5 & 6- moderated by Sara Malchow @smalchow

Sunday, 8/16- Key Connector 7 & 8- moderated by Val Ruckes @valruckes and Leka DeGroot @lekadegroot

Chats will be archived in case you can't make it and ALL are welcome!! Here's the info on the Official #1stchat Blog 

I started reading the book 2 days ago and am impressed with what I've read so far. The authors define connected educators as being: 
"ones that are actively and constantly seeking new opportunities and resources to grow as professionals."
They discuss Personal and Professional Learning Networks (P2LN) and investing with a purpose. I've been a Twitter user for a number of years now, but many of the points they discuss struck a chord with me. To be honest, I feel that I've just started feeling the total power of Twitter in the past 2 years and that has come from the connectedness that has taken place in that time. Taking part in weekly chats such as #1st chat, #adschat, and #adechat have helped me to not only grow professionally but to connect with others on topics that I am passionate about. For those that are not into Twitter or haven't realized it's potential, the authors give some great information on finding the value and investing with a purpose. At the end of every chapter they have a section called "Follow 5, Find 5, Take 5" in which they tie it all together by:
  • Follow 5- listing 5 educators that are models in the particular ares
  • Find 5- giving 5 online resources/tools that you can use to develop further
  • Take 5- Sharing 5 action steps you can take to get started
The book is an easy read with lots of great info!  By no means is the book solely dedicated to Twitter... it just happens that the sections I've read so far have talked quite a bit about it. 
I hope that you'll consider joining our Twitter chats beginning the end of July to discuss this book. Joining us would give you a great opportunity to communicate with a purpose, become more connected and grow your PLN all at the same time.

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