Saturday, February 14, 2015

Can you infer what this is?

This week we worked on the skill of inferring during our whole group reading time. I love working on this skill with 1st graders as there are so many ways to tackle this topic to help little ones grasp the concept. One of the books that we read is called, Shark in the Park, in which a little boy looks through his telescope and keeps seeing what he thinks is a shark. Each time it is just a small piece of another thing, such as a cat's ear or a crow's wing. The kiddos love the book as it has neat cut-outs to simulate looking through the telescope. 
After reading the story, we set out with our iPad-scopes in search of various items. This has been a great way for students to not only grasp the concept, but to share that learning with others. This year we tweeted out our iPad-scope pictures in hopes that others would try to infer what we saw. Check out our classroom twitter page!

Here is one of the pics that was taken. Can you guess what it is?
Mmmmmm...Dirt dessert maybe??

After a lot of discussion, W. showed us the picture he took of the actual object. Needless to say, none of us were very interested in eating it after seeing what it really was. I guess in some ways it was dirt dessert, just not the yummy kind with pudding and Oreos!

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