Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My districts' Learning Services blog recently posted this infographic about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Who Use Technology. I was intrigued as I read through each habit and began to reflect upon my own journey of using and embedding technology into my teaching and learning.

In reading through each definition, I can say that per these standards I would be considered effective, but as with anything, one can always strive to be better and I can certainly find areas within each of these points that I can improve.  

Point number 1 is definitely near and dear to my heart. I so often hear teachers say they are "using" technology only to find out in chatting with them that they have devices in their classrooms and students are simply doing what the iPad is telling them to do and answering questions that are thrown at them- basically just utilizing apps for drill and kill of content but in a more engaging way.

I want my students to use the power of the device to help them create and manipulate content through the use of creation apps, apps in which they tell the device what to do. I want them to learn, "show what they know", and share their knowledge in innovative, creative and global ways. As I type this I think of a blog post that I just read the other day of a teacher who shares many of my philosophies. You can check out her blog here and read a post that speaks of similar philosophies here  where she discussed the criteria she uses before an app can make it onto her students' devices.

If you've read this far, I hope that you will read the infographic and reflect on your technology usage. Are you an effective teacher? How can you improve? What are your strengths and passions that drive you to engage students and utilize technology in your classroom?

The infographic below is difficult to read, if you click here or on the image below it will take you to a blog with a larger print copy.

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