Sunday, March 3, 2013

Number Stories Tech'd Out

This week in math one of our learning targets was to create and solve number stories. We used an app called, DoodlecastPro to help us show our learning for this target. Doodlecast Pro is an app which allows you to record yourself while also recording your writing and/or drawings.

After learning about the 3 main parts of a number story (numbers, words (story), and a question), students were given 2 numbers and a bag of manipulatives. With their partner they had to show their numbers with their manipulatives, take a picture of their representation and then come up with a story to match. They then uploaded their pic to Doodlecast Pro and then recorded themselves telling their number story while also adding the corresponding number sentence. The results were phenomenal and compared to the math journal version seen below, this was sooooooo much more engaging. I can see where kiddos will definitely remember this vs. the blue and white, boring page from our journals. 
After doing this with a partner, students created their own number story following the format above the next morning. After creating their number story, they emailed their video to me which I am now able to use as an assessment piece or add to their digital portfolios. I also emailed the video to their parents.
See below to view samples of some of our partner videos.

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