Saturday, August 25, 2012

QR Fun!

Sight words are a big part of learning to read and write in a first grade classroom, but often times are one of the most mundane of tasks. In an effort to try and make this task a bit more fun and interactive with a technology twist, I made QR codes for all of my sight words. My plan is to post these around my room for students to find and scan with a QR reader on their iPads. 

I'm also going to create a checklist with all of the words so students can check them off as they find them. In this way, I figure they are reading it on the checklist as well as reading it from the QR reader. Along side of each word on the checklist, I am also going to have a line for them to write the word as well. My hope is that this will make sight word practice a bit more engaging while also getting my kiddos up and moving. Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt, right?
QR Scavenger Hunt

To make the QR codes, I used a sight called Kaywa QR Code. You can access it by clicking on the link or scanning the QR code to the left.  You can create a code for a website, text, phone number or a text message. Creating a QR code takes only seconds and once your code is created, you just need to copy and paste it to your document or use the embed code to add it to your website or blog.
click image to access iTunes

So you say you can't scan it because you don't have a scanner, well if you have a smartphone, iPad or iTouch, you can download an app called QR Reader for free. There are lots of readers out there and some have some extra features, but I've found that this one serves my purposes just fine. 

Another great site that I recently heard about and have played with just a little is QR Voice. This site allows you to input up to 100 characters of text. It will then create a QR code for you to copy and when scanned your text will be read by a synthesized voice. What a great tool for students who may have trouble reading directions. I was thinking I could use this in my Work on Words area during Daily 5. I'll just make a QR code for the directions and tape it into the drawer that the supplies are in. If students don't remember what to do, they could easily scan the code and have the directions read to them instead of coming to me and interrupting reading conferences. Check it out for yourself by scanning the code below.


  1. I love the QR Codes! Yours are so cute. I can't wait to try the QR voice. I like the idea of making a voice code for the directions. Do you know if there is a way to make the font larger in the QR readers? The ones I have used use 12 font. They are so small for the ipad. I was wondering if there was a way to make the font larger.

    1. Copy and paste into Microsoft word then enlarge

    2. As Elma has mentioned, depending on how you are using the QR codes, copying them and pasting them into a word document would work. If you are wondering on how to have the font larger on the iPad itself when kiddos scan, that is whatever the app allows. I have found over the past years though that even though I consider it small, the kids really do just find with it. Inigma is still my favorite at this point for apps

  2. Duff,
    THanks for the compliment. I used the the mini frames from Trend to jazz them up a bit. I agree about the font- it is a bit small. I haven't found a way to increase the size on the 2 readers I use. Depending on how the kiddos do with it, I may experiment with some of the other readers to see if that might be an option.

  3. Hi Sara,
    I've been making QR codes for sightwords too. I thought "I should google" and see if anyone else does this! So hooray...I found someone. I have been tecahing Year 6 this year but my real passion is little people. I continue to study early childhood and am working to try to inspire a little Kindergarten friend with his reading. My year six literacy class are busily making online readers using Storybird to match the sight word lists that the Kindergarten children use. I am not sure which sightword program you use? Maybe we can share this resource when we complete it. Clare

    1. Hi Clare! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you- the beginning of the school year always throws me for a loop when it comes to finding time to blog.
      Glad to see that you found our blog and are as passionate as I am about what the little ones can do. We had a VP from Apple in our room today who was amazed at what my little ones could do... wish she could come back in March!!!