Wednesday, August 22, 2012

21st Century Learning - PCSD New Teacher Inservice 2012

21st century learning skills & technology
 enhances teaching and learning
for even the youngest learners!!

   Engaging!            Motivating!        Problem Solving!

 Creativity!         Risk Taking!

So... where do you start? 
Here are just a few of the tools I have had success with in my own classroom.

Our classroom blog

SMARTboards are wonderful tools!

Students are:
- Engaged
- Independent
- Collaborative
-Problem solving
-Critical thinking

The sky's the limit...
Photo from Jessica Meacham's website

* Math lessons
* Word Sorts/ spelling activities
* Attendance/lunch
* Daily 5 check-in
* Calendar Activities
* Handwriting practice
* Student-led conferences 

Great for substitute teachers- lessons can be preplanned

Click here for more SMARTboard files from Jessica Meacham

There are TONS of wonderful, 
free tools and apps to use

To find out more about how to connect with a class click go to
 or the Skype in Schools wiki.

Pic Collage App
Click image for iTunes link

click image to see more about this project
Educreations App
Click image for iTunes link

Remember- you have a lot on your plates for this year... choose one thing to start with~ explore and have fun with what you choose!


  1. Sara-

    Thanks for the suggestion of using the Pic Collage app! After reading your post I immediately found the app and made a quick little collage to show my first graders. Then, this morning we made a rhyming collage together. So fun and very meaningful!! I love reading your blog and getting ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    Morning Sun First Grade

  2. Hi Laurie!
    Thanks for stopping by. I take it you're back in school again. We start with kiddos in 2 weeks. Glad that you tried pic collage. It's one of my favorites as its really easy to use and the kiddos are easily able to pick up on all it's features I love the idea of a rhyming collage. Did you have kiddos take pics of rhyming things? Would love to hear more about how you implemented your idea. Have a great school year. Looking forward to networking again this year