Sunday, February 19, 2012

Number stories and Educreations

Educreations Interactive
Whiteboard Screen Icon
In math this week we worked on addition and subtraction word problems. After learning about different types of word problems, and exploring various types on IXL, kiddos were given directions to use the iPad app, Educreations Interactive Whiteboard. Students had to work with a partner to draw a quick pic for their word problem and had to include a unit box. They then worked together to record their word problem including the question sentence and number sentence.

Below you will find a sample of how these turned out.(Had to giggle at the "oopsies" - they pressed the record button by accident- twice!)

All of my kiddos did a very nice job not only using all the parts of a word problem, but also with their knowledge of using the app AND working with a partner. I am continually impressed with how far their technology skills have come and how quickly they pick up on new technology usage!

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