Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fact Families

Have I ever said, "1st graders rock?!" Well if not, let me tell you what my class did on Monday that knocked my socks off!
I wasn't sure how this would go, but like so many other things this year, my kiddos continue to raise the bar for themselves!!

Last week we learned about fact families. I used the house format below to introduce the concept. This week as a review, I wanted to see if the kiddos grasped the concept, but I also wanted to embed some of our ITLS Standards so here's what I did...
First, I sent each of my kiddos an email with the picture below.
After reading my email, they had to:
  1. Save the image to their photos
  2. Then they had to open up the Doodle Buddy app.
  3. Once in Doddle Buddy, they needed to retrieve this photo to use as their background image
  4. Fill in the fact family problems
  5. Email me their completed project.

Most of my kiddos completed all of these steps in about 5 minutes. I was absolutely amazed!!
Here is one of my kiddos finished product.

This has been a wonderful way to assess kiddos and have a digital portfolio/record of their learning. I also shared this information and each child's email with parents during our conferences. Many of the parents were beyond amazed at what their child had done.

Thinking about digital portfolios, I think I may have my kiddos take the image they emailed to me and post it to their Kidblogs so that others can also comment on their learning.

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  1. Sara-
    I love this idea!! What do you use for your kid's e-mail? How's the Kidblog coming along?