Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WASB convention

Along with good conversation, networking, and friendship came frustration, problem solving and glitches. Technology is such a wonderful tool For learning and collaborating but over the last 2 days it has come with its frustrations. It reminds me that to learn, one must make mistakes, problem solve, and remain calm at all times.
Last night, 4 of my model classroom colleagues and I traveled 2 hours to present at the WI School Board Association Convention. We talked, laughed,and learned from each other. We shared positives and frustrations in our journey but most of all we enjoyed talking tech and being social.our presentation was ready, our passion on fire and ready to share UNTIL.. We arrived in our conference room and discovered that we did not have Internet access short of sharing the wifi connection in the hallway. We frantically, No scratch that, we collectively began to problem solve. In the end, it all came together and we were able to share our message... Successfully!!
I won't go into all of the frustrations of the last two days ( I almost threw my "stuff" out the window yesterday) as every day brings its challenges. I will say though....
Technology rocks! It brings endless possibilities for learning and collaboration, problem solving and frustration and yet continues to push us forward in positive directions and FRIENDS, well... friends are the glue to all things
Thank you my model tech friends... You know who you are. You all rock!

For anyone interested in seeing our presentation, you can view it here.

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