Monday, January 16, 2012

The new cases have arrived

Our new iPod Touch cases have arrived and I couldn't be more thrilled. I currently have hard plastic cases but made the switch over to a silicone case due to the issues I was having with the mini microphones. I have heard various reviews on the silicone cases including that they slip off easily. The ones I ended up purchasing are more like a sleeve and fit quite tightly around the iPod. They also do not have a notch out for the home button but rather a raised surface on top of the home button which you can see in the picture. 
I'm excited to give these a try as I think the silicone cases will be better suited for my first graders in that they will have a better grip on their devices. Even cooler is the fact that they came in a variety of colors...  say it with me, "ooooohhh.... ahhhhhh.... " We now have blue, pink, orange, red, black, clear and purple. I have feeling this will help us to know which device is ours more quickly as well. I will still have to find a way to number them as they engraved number on the back will no longer be visible, but that's a minor issue. I'm actually thinking that I will have my kiddos create their own home screen wallpaper that must include their iPod number. This might be a fun way to assess their app to app creation skills while also giving them some ownership of their device.

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  1. I have all silicone cases for my 7 ipod touches. I have had no problems and no complaints from the the kids either. I love having the different colors so that the kids can tell which ipod is theirs. I have not had the problem of the silicone covers falling off. I think you will be happy with the new covers.
    My newest favorite app is LetterReflex – Overcoming Letter Reversals by BinaryLabs. It has 2 activities to practice b/d p/q reversals. It moves onto reversals in words. You swipe the screen to change the direction of the letters. This is great for first graders.