Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Sometimes it's the little things that can frustrate you, like how right now blogger will not let me upload pics from my computer! Uggh!!!

This is what our mini microphones look
 like when they are plugged in

Today, my kiddos were introduced to Songify on their iPod Touches. We've used it before as a whole class with the iPad, but this was their first go around on their own. We were using it as a differentiated way to practice our spelling words. Kiddos were going to read and spell their words into the app and then Songify takes their words and turns it into a song. The kids love it and the tunes are pretty funky. The app itself is free and you get several songs with it. You can also purchase add'l songs. Doesn't sound so frustrating yet, does it? Well, we have 2nd gen iPod touches so we do not have built-in microphones. Instead, we have mini microphones that we need to plug into the headphone jack. It's an extra step, but not that big of a deal.  I just finished demonstrating the process to my class and sent them off to give it a try when 3 or 4 kiddos as well as my mom helper came over to say that it wasn't working. They kept getting a pop-up saying that the microphone wasn't connected. Funny... it worked just fine when I modeled it to the kids 2 minutes earlier. Hmmm... well come to find out that the mics could not be pushed far enough in to be recognized due to the hard cases that we have on our devices. I guess I just got lucky on my iPod. I thought about how I could notch out the area with a dremel tool, or maybe just go without cases (not something I really want to do) or .... or..... ugggh... order new cases.
Well tonight I went onto eBay (didn't want to wait for our tech dept to help me out with this one.... they are awesome but I'm feeling a bit impatient) and found silicone cases for cheap! Cool thing is that they come in different colors...ooooohhhh..... ahhhhhhhhh..... might just jazz up our devices a bit. Hoping that the flexibility of the silicone will work great. If not, it's easy to cut! hahahahaha (*cynical laugh*) 
 Looking forward to getting them so we can try Songify again! Fingers crossed!

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