Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss went tech this week. This week our school had a door decorating contest for Dr. Seuss' birthday. Our door was inspired by the story, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut. After reading the story, students were shown how to use digital cameras (the timing for this was perfect as I have several projects in the coming weeks that will integrate camera usage). Students then worked in groups of three to take digital pictures of each other- the hitch was, students shut their eyes for their picture.  The collaboration and problem solving skills that were exhibited by each group were fantastic and their pictures turned out silly and wonderful. Once the pictures were printed, students cut out their head shot, colored a Dr. Seuss hat and glued it to their picture. They then created a Dr. Seuss book to attach to their project so it looked as if they were reading. Next year, I'm planning to read Dr. Seuss books well in advance of the project so that the kids can choose their personal favorite for their book and also write about why it is their favorite. Unfortunately, we just ran out of time for that piece this year.
Next week as we wrap up our unit on 3D shapes, we will use the digital cameras to go on a 3D shape hunt. Students will work in groups of 3 to find and photograph real life examples of cones, pyramids, spheres, etc. Once the pics are downloaded, cooperative groups will write about their pics and create a book that they will share with the class. I'm still debating if we will do our books digitally or on paper due to time constraints.
How about you? Anyone have any other great lessons that they incorporate digital cameras into? Would love to hear from you!


  1. That is super cute! I love this idea!

  2. I think this is a terrific idea! Thanks for sharing! ~Kim

  3. Very cute! I LOVE this book and I will definitely have to keep this idea for next year.