Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sqworl Bookmarking Site

Screen shot of Sqworl page
Ok, this is my new favorite site and late night addiction. I love this site for bookmarking my frequently visited blogs and websites because it creates a thumbnail of the bookmark not to mention, now all of my favorites are located on just one page.  It's extremely easy to use and has an add button that makes adding sites to my existing groups easy. There's a space where I can jot some notes about the site I am saving and it creates URLs for my groups so that I can share my finds with others.

The possibilities are endless with this site. I've created a Sqworl for my favorite 1st grade blogs & websites and am in the process of creating a Sqworl for my students of sites that we visit frequently in our classroom. What a great visual tool for those that still struggle with reading!
I also love the fact that you can search the Sqworl site for other people's Sqworl's. By just typing 'math games' into the search box, I came up with several great resources. I may even end up creating Sqworl's for each month and/or curricular area. It's just a great organizational tool!

Here's my Sqworl for the 1st grade blogs & Websites that I follow

Edited to add: Check out this blog for even more info!

Sqworl Screencast from Caleb Brown on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I just featured this on my blog and referred my viewers to check you out! How fun!

    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

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