Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A new adventure

Here starts another adventure that I have been wanting to undertake for quite some time. I have been inspired by so many others, their blogs, and the wealth of information that they freely share. I often feel as though I don't have anything to share but alas it is amazing to me at times how people come to me and say, "Hey, do you know of a site for...?"  I love to surf the web and although I absolutely LOVE my job as a 1st grade teacher, there is a small part of me that would love to venture down the path of being a tech integration specialist or a google certified teacher. Who knows, maybe someday I'll cross one of those things off my "someday/something to consider" list.
In the meantime, I love to share the knowledge that I have with others and am I'm hoping to use this blog to not only share sites that I find and use in my classroom, but to also reflect upon my teaching both with and without technology. I truly believe that reflection is one of the strongest characteristics of an excellent teacher.
With that being said, here begins a new adventure and a new chapter in a quest to be the best teacher that I can be and to hopefully give back to those that have shared with me and inspire others along the way.


  1. That's pretty awesome Sara. I agree, reflection is very powerful. I look forward to meeting you soon via google chat. I know my students will be excited as well. I will share this site with my fellow teachers. Have a great day. Thanks!

  2. Hi there!
    Thanks for checking in and for spreading the word! I'm looking forward to meeting as well this week. It's been a long wait with our technology glitches. Just goes to show that perseverance pays off. "See you" Thurs!