Sunday, January 30, 2011

Got rhythm?

Here's one of the best parts about having a blog... networking!!! Thank you to all who have been reading and leaving comments. It's awesome to hear from others that embed technology into their curriculum.
All of the comments have really made me reflect all the more on the use of technology on the learning of our little ones. Research out there states that our digital natives learn in a much different way than when I was a kid and that their visual cortex is larger than ours as well. This alone has made me rethink how I approach certain topics/subject areas. I think our new generation of kids has moved beyond the "boob tube" and needs to be powered on and engaged in new ways.
As I think about some of our secure goals in first grade I know that the simplest of tasks such as knowing the days of the week can really be a struggle for some. Repetition may be a part of that learning, but how we bring about that repetition may be a big key. I had about 1/2 my class who struggled with this target. I found several YouTube clips to help bring a little fun, funk, and rhythm to our learning. I embedded these videos right into my SMARTboard calendar routine. I even play them at the end of the day on occasion as an extra dose while we are packing up. The kids love it and sing along. At this time all but 1 of my students knows their days of the week.
Now obviously there are a lot of variables on what or if this is what brought about their learning, however, interestingly enough, my son is one who also struggled with the days of the week. He is not in my class but he comes to my room everyday after school. He's heard the songs as well and loves the one above with the train. Funny thing is, when we were practicing the other day, he started singing the days of the week train song that he's heard in my room. As a mom and a teacher, I'm thinking there's something to this phenomenon.
That being said, THANK YOU Mrs. Adcock for the recommendation of the YouTube video, Coins In My Hand. This will be a fun and funky motivator for my few that are still struggling with coin identification.

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  1. This inspired me to spend an hour searching you tube for math songs..... I added a bunch to my class wiki which I use to store and share all things grade one with the families of the kids in my class. My kids LOVE the doubles raps by harrykindergarten and they have done their job... today my kids could answer all the oubles flash cards super fast, they even said it to the rhyth of the song! lol