Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pic Collage for buddy intro

Looking for a tech-inspired way for your class to introduce themselves to a Skype or Twitter buddy class? Look no further, PicCollage is your go-to, easy schmeasy app of choice!

This morning we spent some time putting together a PicCollage project to send to our buddy class in Oshawa, Canada. Each table team was responsible for working together to take each others' pictures, import them into the PicCollage app, add their names, change the background and add stickers if they so chose. 

Each team did a fantastic job problem solving how each person would take somebody else's picture so everyone got a turn (this may seem simple, but for a 1st grader, this can be a big problem solving process) The creativity and differences between each groups projects were neat to see and compare. 

When we were done, we emailed our collages to our buddy class so that they could get to know us better. Our buddy class also used PicCollage and sent us their creation which we now have proudly displayed in our classroom. This has really helped us to put a name to a face (pun intended) and is helping us to feel more connected with our buddies when we read their posts on Twitter.
The finished product and a happy team!

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