Thursday, October 9, 2014

Number Line app for Counting On strategy

During math, my class has been learning the  strategy of counting on. Today we focused on counting-on on a number line up to 20. After doing a couple of problems together on the SMARTboard, I wanted to give everyone a chance to actively participate, so we took out our iPads and used the free app, Number Line. This is a very easy app to use and has several great functions including the ability to hide and reveal numbers on the number line, the ability to mark the number line with multiples of any whole number from 1-100, and easy drawing tools just to name a few.

As we worked through using the app for the first time, I had one of my very tech capable students use Air Server to mirror her iPad to the SMARTboard so we could all follow along. If you haven't used Air Server or some other form of mirroring, I highly recommend it. It is a fantastic and easy way to model apps and have students show and share their work.

As we worked through our objective for the day, students circled our starting number, made their "bunny hops" for counting on and then showed the mathematical number sentence by writing it above their work.  Using this app kept everyone involved and engaged in our learning and in my opinion, truly helped us to grab onto the concept as we were able to visually represent it and then use that representation to create our number sentences.

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