Friday, June 7, 2013

Want to "Hangout"?!

Yikes! I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted. I am so sorry! I'm sure we can all relate to how busy things get at the end of the year, but! I 'm working on backtracking with several things that have happened since April and then I'll be getting my butt back into blogging gear.

My class had a unique opportunity back in April to connect virtually with our State Superintendent, Tony Evers. The intent of our conversation was to talk about how technology has changed how we learn. We started out by using our iPads to write, "Morning, Mr. Evers!" Each child was responsible for one letter and used the Max Doodle app to create the letter. That was the simple part- the hard part was getting everyone in order AND squished together enough for him to see the whole message. 

We used Google Hangout and spent about 20 minutes telling and showing him what we have been doing. The kids were unusually quiet, but eventually warmed up. They did a great job of telling him about some of the apps we use and how they help us learn and also even showed him some of the apps. 
One of my little cherubs was so cute.. she went up to show him XtraMath and told him that she couldn't tell him her password because passwords have to say secret, but then she proceeded to say it out loud while keying it in! All of the adults in the room were rolling on the floor. Oh the things kids do!