Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sock Puppets

Today my kiddos used the Sock Puppets app to practice their spelling words. It was a huge hit minus a few glitches.
I started out by showing the kiddos how to maneuver around the app and showed them a few of the "extras" (showing them how to make their puppets larger and smaller, etc) We also talked about how to use the tack microphones to do the recording since our 2nd gen iPods don't have a built-in mic. I also showed them how to title and save their creation. All in all, everything took us about 10 minutes and then I let them do their own exploring to figure out the app. I was amazed at how well they did and how fluid they were with saving their creations after just walking through it one time. It is obvious that the more we do, the easier the process gets for my kiddos no matter which app we use and how it may differ a little in the process for saving/sending.

We did have quite a few glitches this morning which was frustrating as one of my kiddos dubbed the back table "The glitch table" which had 5-6 kiddos huddled around it, all with glitches that they could not solve, nor could I in a few cases. Still not sure if it was the iPods being older or the app itself as we also ran into a few glitches on the new iPads, however, the iPads were easily solved by double clicking on the home button and then pressing the minus sign to close out the app. When relaunching, all of the iPads were up and running again. Despite that fix, it is still more than I would expect a first grader to do or know so I'm off to do some research on why this is happening in hopes that we can be more successful next time as I am planning several different project that we can use Sock Puppets for.
I am also looking into how I can set up a YouTube channel to upload their pics to the web so we can embed them onto our blog or our KidBlogs for others to also enjoy. We often talk about how it's important and fun to be able to share your work when you've worked so hard to make it. Granted there are times when we don't always want to share, but my kiddos want to more than not and enjoy the feedback that they get when they put their work out there for others.

So... in summary.... I love sock puppets but not the glitches! Fingers crossed for next time.

Anyone else using Sock Puppets? Have you encountered glitches???

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