Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Student Reflection

In preparation for an upcoming presentation at the Wisconsin School Board Association Convention later this month, I interviewed my students using the following 2 questions. The first question was a bit tricky for some seeing as they only have kindergarten to refer back to but some of my kiddos really had some good insight. I then used ReelDirector on the iPad to compile some of their interviews. I'll post it here once I put the finishing touches on it.
  1. How has technology changed the way you learn?
  2. What do you most enjoy about the technology in our classroom?
I also emailed my students' parent and asked them:
  1. Has your child being in the model technology classroom changed your child's motivation for learning? And if so, how?
I have received several responses, all positive, including the following:

  • XXXXX is more excited about school this year, and he largely talks about the technology that he is learning with. He is more confident using technology including our home computer, email, ipods, ipads, etc.  Because of this increased comfort level he is able to do more on his own which makes him want to learn more and try harder.  I also love how the technology has been incorporated in order to have fluid communication with the parents.
  • Yes!  I feel that xxxx’s  motivation to learn has improved.  There is another level of excitement he feels when he goes to school.  He gets to wonder what he might get to do in his day.  There is also a connection made with older peers and family because of his technology knowledge.  He is helping his grandpa learn how to use his new Kindle!

    I feel that xxxx  is better equipped to deal with trial and error because of this opportunity.  He is more open to listen to, and try out new ideas.  He has learned that there is more than one right way to reach a goal.

    Xxxx  loves to use the computer, I pod, etc.  The fact that he can use something he loves in school to facilitate learning makes an even greater impact on what he learns and how it is retained.
and then there was this response...
  •  I would have to say that while my daughter xxxxx was already a motivated learner, being in the model technology classroom has definitely enhanced her motivation and encouraged her to learn in other ways besides as a result of traditional methods of teaching.

    The truth is that we live in a highly technological age – technology is progressing at a very rapid pace. In order to properly function in society as adults, our children have to become proficient with technology and maintain the ability to adapt to the rapid changes technology makes.  Starting out this type of learning at a young age can only help students as they get older in my opinion.

    Since starting to use the technology in your classroom, xxxxx has branched out in her learning. Rather than just asking me the typical curiosity-seeking 6 year old questions, she asks me if we can go on the Internet and look the answers up to those questions. As you know, my husband and I have Ipod Touches. xxxx can use my Ipod and while I watch, can search the Internet for her answers. We’ve loaded several of the apps that you use in class, such as Teach Me and rather than watch TV, she sits and uses those apps. She’s constantly learning – and more importantly, WANTING to constantly learn. And, she’s even taught me a few things about my Ipod that I didn’t know!

    By allowing them to practice emailing you and us (parents), they’re learning letter-writing skills and the proper format for composing letters. That’s an important life skill and rather than being bored and learning in a tedious way, they’re having fun “writing” emails on an Ipod or IPad in addition to their paper writing.

    Another positive that I see is the keyboarding skills that she’s gaining. She already knows where all the letters are on the keyboard and doesn’t have to “hunt and peck” when she’s typing.

    I could go on, but I think I’ve given enough examples to show that being in the model technology classroom has definitely increased xxxx's motivation and passion for learning. Thank you for the opportunity!
"WOW" was about all I could say after reading that well thought out response. I feel very privileged to be able to facilitate this adventure in first grade and although we've definitely had our trials and tribulations, I continue to be impressed with the learning and motivation that has come out of using the various technology in our class.

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