Friday, July 22, 2011

ahhh.... a feeling of accomlishment

It's done, it's finally done!
Remember this picture? Uuugghh!!!  Talk about an overwhelming feeling of dread as I had to pack up my old room. The picture above shows what a disaster it was, not to mention a rude awakening to how much stuff one person can accumulate. Although most of "the stuff" still came with me, I did purge as I packed and ended up putting out plenty of "freebies" for the next pack-rat to enjoy!   It took much longer than I anticipated, but everything is finally moved, unpacked, and even mostly set up!!

Now for the transformation....
Drum roll please...

Here is the new and improved room. This picture shows what you see as you first walk in the door. My kiddos cubbies and my Listen to Reading rack are on the left to create a hallway into the room. As you move past the hallway you can see the main part of the room. My classroom library snakes in and out over the majority of one wall. My teacher desk is hidden behind several bookshelves. If you look carefully you can see it in the top left hand corner of the picture below.  I'll have to take and post a few more pics of the other 1/2 of the room- that's where my Work on Writing area is as well as my guided reading area, word wall, CAFE board and more. I really like the way the room turned out and although I miss my old room, this room seems to be brighter and more organized (cupboards are a wonderful thing!) 
Now I just have to hope that the room will flow once the kiddos arrive. I did a lot of preplanning as to where things should go so that movement in the room will flow and I hopefully won't find myself rearranging after the first few weeks of school.

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  1. Looks great! I bet you feel great getting that accomplished!