Sunday, March 27, 2011


Last week we learned about fractions and fractional parts in math. One of the projects that we did involved taking 12 one inch by one inch squares in two different colors. Students had to use the squares to create some sort of creature (real or fictional). They then had to tell what fractional part of their picture was blue and what part was red. The kids really seemed to enjoy this project and it was amazing to see the creativity that came out of their projects. No two were the same and they were all cleverly done.  I also added a bit of writing to the project by having the students name their creature and telling something that it liked to do.

 This week we'll be reviewing a bit before moving on to our next unit. I plan to show my class the Study Jams video on fractions. If you haven't heard of Study Jams by Scholastic, definitely check it out. There are videos, slide shows, and step by step explanations for science and math topics.  Each Jam includes a teaching video/step-by-step/slide show, key vocabulary, and a test yourself section where students can practice what they have just learned. The videos have been created for students in grades 3-6, but I have found several that are also appropriate for 1st and 2nd graders.

I also found this cute Fraction Kite project on the Crazy for First Grade blog. I haven't done this project with my kids but think it would be another great way to hit home fractional parts while also incorporating writing and adding a bit of spring flair to our classroom.

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