Friday, January 7, 2011

Spelling City , which I mentioned in my last post, is a great FREE site to help students learn their weekly spelling words. Students can enter their spelling words and then practice them through the use of various online games. Teachers can even upload their spelling lists one week at a time or for an entire year. This is something that I haven't tried as I use an individualized spelling program in my class.
HangMouse, which happens to be my class' favorite, is a fun version of Hangman. With each incorrect guess, the cat gets wakes up a little bit more putting the mouse in jeopardy. Students get 7 guesses to figure out their word.

To find out a bit more about the site, you can watch the 2 minute video below.


  1. I teach first grade and I use Spelling City with my kids beginning in the second quarter of school. I also have individualized lists for each student, so I just make a list for each kid on Spelling City. It takes about 20 minutes a week to type up new lists for my kids. They receive their words on Monday, and practice on the computer in class (and at home when available) and during our word work station during the literacy block. Then they take the test on the computer on Friday. I LOVE Spelling City and have convinced all of our Language Arts teachers to use it as well.

  2. How many computers do you have in your class that you are able have kids practice during your word work station? Unfortunately, right now I only have my teacher work station.